Applying for social security disability in Idaho

Applying for social security long term disability benefits is a process. More than 70% of people who apply on their own are rejected. Once rejected, most people hire a lawyer to appeal the decision and that process can take years.

When you use our assistance, we help you understand how to prepare, documents and records you will need, how to submit, and complete documents sent to you after online submission.

We have helped hundreds of people apply for disability. Our success rate is high for people getting approved for disability the first time they apply. We cannot guarantee approval because each case is unique and how prepared you are, effects the chance of approval.

If you are ready to start, complete our evaluation form (click here). If we feel we can help you based on your information, we will then contact you and start the process we use.

Long Term Social Security Disability Benefit Statistics in Idaho

In Idaho, the chances of being approved for benefits and the average wait times for hearings are slightly better than the national average.