Social Security Disability Help in Idaho

We help people with the the preparation, submission and related function when applying for Social Security Disability!

Do I qualify for disability?

The short answer is, "it depends". It depends on your condition, length of time you have been disabled and how well documented your disability is with medical professionals, therapists, etc. When you fill out our contact form, we have the knowledge to ascertain your chance of successful approval for disability. If we feel you have a strong chance of approval, we will contact you with the next steps forward. If we feel your case may not be strong enough, we will reply with suggestions that can help you better prepare to apply for disability.

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Why use our services?

Simply put, we have the experience to help you obtain approval for Social Security disability. We do not guarantee approval because each case is unique. However, our assistance increases your odds of approval greatly. We are NOT attorneys and we do NOT work for attorneys. We are people that have family members on disability as well. We have assisted hundreds of people with the process and our system has proven itself to be highly successful since 2011. Social Security approval today is very stringent. Let us help you through this tough process.


Why use us and not a lawyer?

You can choose to employ a lawyer to help you with the Social Security process. In most cases, they are successful in getting you approved. However, you are one of hundreds of clients and your case does not get the personal attention to detail it needs. Attorneys also have very long lead times in processing information and helping you to prepare. Most of the communication is one way and often you must initiate a call for updates. Using our services, we only agree to assisting we put the time in to try to shorten the time it takes to apply. We know a faster income from Social Security benefits is crucial.

Helping people since 2011

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